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Leukeamia UK Raffle

In Memory of Ash Firth 29.10.1946 to 26.01.2018

Raffle Results

Hello Everyone! We drew the Leukaemia UK raffle @ 6PM on Thursday 10th December and the winners are....... drum roll please......

  1. Torchon Lace Tea Cloth – 90cm square, kindly donated by a gentleman in Solihull and lovingly made by his Mum.
    WINNER Stephen McCørd
  2. Robin Limited Edition Print from a painting by a local Artist called Caroline Brown who kindly donated and signed it
    WINNER Garry Dobson
  3. Crochet NHS Bear no. 102 made by Maria Inkpin, each bear being made for a different charity, this is the 2nd one Maria made us for Leukaemia UK
    WINNER Chris Parsons
  4. Crocheted Lap Blanket by Me (Jo), corner to corner blanket in vibrant colours
    WINNER Alison Larkin
  5. One of Ash’s diecast models, a limited edition Corgi Classic Cadbury Cocoa Truck, boxed and in mint condition with miniature Corgi
    WINNER Sue Duckles
  6. A Japanese Temari Ball, an authentic one made in Japan. It’s thread wrapped round and round a core of thread, and this one has a rattle. WINNER Fiona Mackenzie Gentle

We have posted you lucky winners your prizes out this morning, so we are hoping you get it for Christmas. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you to all who participated and helped us achieve and exceed our target of £10,000! The lace making community have been absolutely AMAZING. Ash wouldn't be able to believe it.

Photo shows the lady next door, who is 92 years young, helping us with the draw.

Raffle Draw
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